Joo Young Eom

Web designer  |  Front-end Web Developer

I am facinated by the world of digital technology. It excites me when I can code structuring clean responsive websites & emails as they are designed in detail, especially when they are well defined and organized with the simplicity and minimalism.

It takes a lot of thinking and efforts often facing technical challenges developing digital platforms. And, I enjoy every step of it!

"What do I know about the web?  What can I do?"

As a web designer, a front-end web developer,and a project manager

My professional work experiences have been varying through many development projects and their end to end processes — from creating and enhancing visuals and functionalities of websites & emails up to date, to optimizing, publishing and maintaining multiple websites — delivering best web experiences to target audiences.

I listen and observe what others say so that I can understand what they have in their minds, and then I can offer best solutions to their needs. From my experiences, I'd say that best practices in web design and development start from that point.

Following are the focuses that I pay attention to at each web project phase.

Planning to Strategize

: evolving around target audiences

When building a website, strategic planning is to identify, define and organize project goals and objectives in order to get you to your destination. Developing effective approaches to communicating and motivating your target audience is vital in creating a successful marketing plan. Websites aren't for the owners. Rather they are for the visitors to use in their most favorable ways. Trying to include all kinds of creative ideas and eagerness into project plans sometimes muddle up the original goals why the project started in the first place.

Through my project development experiences, I learned a lot what works and what doesn't. Simplifying ideas is not always easy without knowing what involves. Sketches, wireframes, and mapping workflows are the great methodology to initiate planning and conceptualizing overall plan and design directions.

Design to Envision

: strong visual hierarchy with UI/UX friendly principles

In place of setting up goals and objectives, it's a time to seek inspiration and explore options for your plan. Creating mockups with proper images is an efficient way to communicate with project stakeholders for decision-making process, as you can visualize how the established concepts and messages will be presented to your target audiences.

Design phase is an important process in that a successful website development relies on providing best user experiences and encouraging user interactions. To do so, it requires visually attractive (yet unique), and user-friendly designs which bring a consistent look and feel with a strong visual hierarchy. It will enormously influence on the awareness of your brand, products, and services to the target audiences. There are so many creative design trends and techniques available out there. However, developing right styles impressing your users in 3 sectconds will be the key to success.

Coding to Implement Design & Functionality in Detail

: testing and quality assurance

As compelling visuals and storytelling become solidified, the last phase is transforming all the well-thought-through and time-consuming designs and contents into code structures.

These days coding development process involves a lot more than simply putting source codes together. Building a website has become more complicated and requires a lot more of detailing in many aspects, such as the implementation of user-friendly interactions, responsive layouts, cross-browser compatibility testing, optimization for high-ranking SEO, and so on.

Almost every web developement project requires "agililty". Nevertheless, t's critical to test usability of the newly developed websites before deploying. And, developers need to care to do all the detailing, because ALWAYS there are unforeseen problems during the design process that need to be refined and corrected. Not to mention finalizing pixel-perfect design details and contents assuring the project quality.

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